‘Phemia Education Consulting’ is one of the subsidiaries of ‘Overseas Student Service Corp’,certified by AIRC, ICEF, NACAC,U.S. News Global Education. Our mission is to be the most responsive and welcoming one-stop service corporation, devoted to making a difference in the lives of our students.Our offices are located in many metropolitan areas including Boston, New York, Irvine, etc. Unlike traditional consulting agencies, we help students achieve their dreams through a comprehensive ‘Life-Coach’ approach. Based on our assessment of students’ personalities and long-term goals, we ensure that they receive the most relevant and powerful personalized guidance, one that involves one-on-one education planning and consulting. We create the most appropriate development plan for the individual student and increase core competitiveness by connecting him/her with elite American Counselors and professors. We help all students enroll and excel in an educational institution that best meets their needs and aspirations, while helping them realize their better selves in the process.

Homelike Care

Getting an offer is only the first step in coming to the U.S. Students must still deal with the many problems in life they face in relocating. Remembering our own initial confusion and disorientation in making this transition, we deeply understand the wants and needs of students and sincerely wish to help as they are about to cross the Pacific.Phemia Edu guarantees the safety of our students and provides follow-up one-stop services that include airport pick-up, apartment rental, furniture purchase, delivery, medical insurance, SIM card purchase, car purchase, legal consulting, etc. We often organize outdoor activities to help students familiarize themselves with the environment and make friends. With your commitment, we not only can guarantee you a seat at top schools, but also help give you another home across the Pacific.

Career Oriented Planning

“Wall Street”, “Investment Banking”, “100k Annual Salary” – these words have elicited much envy from students and parents alike and have motivated many to apply for majors that they believe will guarantee them reaching such goals. However, even in China, where we are most familiar, cases in which a lack of a deeper understanding leads to a mistakenly chosen major are not rare. Ought the few cross- Pacific stories of others’ success really decide your life for you? The Phemia Edu Career Development Program allows you to “think far and be worry free”Phemia Edu has gathered hundreds of American and Chinese elites from different fields to provide our students with one-on-one mentorships.

Early in the application process, our career development consultants offer free consulting to students, encouraging them to “start from where their passion is” while also informing them of certain career program implications in the U.S. Through the MBTI personality test, the character and skills of the applicant is matched to different fields allowing for a more informed decision based on interest and ability. In this way, the student can not only gain an offer of internship or employment, but also a better self-understanding that will be useful for decades to come. 

 Mostly Recommended Schools