MintyMentors, one of the subsidiaries of‘Oversea Student Service Corp’,is a professional career consulting organization that guides international student to land their dream job. Our elite team of mentors is consisted of successful professionals from Goldman Sachs, McKinsey, Microsoft, P&G and many other world-famous companies. Our mission is to help international students make a successful transition from academic pursuits to career destinations, through interactive content and access to industry experts, leading to meaningful and purposeful contributions to our society. We believe that this can only be done from a developmental approach, based on a solid understanding of the profession landscape, competitive credentials, rigorous strategies, and skillful cultural knowledge for identifying and securing career options that reflect students’ unique interests, skills, personalities, and aspirations. We provide tailored service, networking opportunities and training courses to boost your job application.

N+1 Support System

A network of mentors from your target industry + one dedicated career consultant working together to help you find your ideal career track, enhance your profile, build insights into your target industry, create a tailored recruiting plan – all to ensure you land your dream job and launch a successful life-long career.

Four Modules of Career Development

Career Evaluation

A comprehensive evaluation to help you find the career track that best fits your interests, personalities and skillsets.

Profile Enhancement

Maximize the impact of every part of your application from resume to LinkedIn profile with the help of our professional consultants.

Industry Insights

Impress interviewers with your knowledge of their company and the industry with the help of our mentors across 15+ industries.

Recruiting Planning

Build a detailed recruiting action plan and prepare for every interview on your way to your dream job.