December 9, the new Boston headquarter of OverseasStudent Service Corp(OSSC) and “The Home of Boston International Students” opening ceremony event was successfully held. Founder and CEO,John Wang, partner, former New York University principal David C. Chang and around 100 guests attended the event. At around 1 o’clock noon,John Wang, Prof. Chang and his wife, vice president of Sai’er Education Technology Development Limited Company, Sun Li, principal of United Edu Steward & Solutions.Inc, Si Donglin and OSSC staffs cut the ribbon to celebrate the opening of the new headquarters.
In his speech,John Wang reviewed the development of the group on the other side of the United States. In January 2012, he said, the Boston Students Services Network, the predecessor of OSSC, was announced the establishment at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Moreover, within two years of its establishment, a team of 40 people had been formed and served more than 3,000 students. Over the past 6 years, OSSC has been deepening its services, in addition to catering essential services for students’daily needs ,such as airport pick-up and apartment rental , but also following the philosophy”Molding Talented personnel from the perspective of career development ” , expands to high-end education consulting with and has set up a MintyMentors Career Consulting and US·Smartstudy Learning Center for international students. Besides,John Wang also said that OSSC had opened branches in New York and California, now has 200 full-time employees, the accumulated number of services has reached 200,000 people.

This year,John Wang said that the OSSC achieved the upgrading of office space and corporate culture, and has become “the largest educational services headquarter in the United States formed by Chinese “. The mission of OSSC is to help students to acquire the abilities with life-lasting value,and helps international students find the job they love.

In March 2018, David C. Chang, a former principal of New York University, joined the team and became a partner of OSSC. On an opening day, Prof. Chang and his wife came to congratulate and delivered a gift expressing the best wish to the company. In his speech, Prof. Chang said that the success of OSSC confirmed a Chinese’s old saying“the right place, the right time with the right people”. He said the company has seized the opportunity of a rising number of Chinese students and had chosen to land in Boston, New York and California, where international students gathered. Regarding “the right people“, Prof.Chang said OSSC’s passion for education, excellent teamwork and leadership were also essential factors for the group’s rapid development over the years.   

In recent years, OverseasStudent Service Corp has been expanding the field of services. In addition to real estate services, language training, admission application consulting and career services, OSSC also sets up insurance services. Wu Lesheng, head of Tumei Insurance, said that the insurance company is headquartered in New York with more than 40 years of history, and officially changed its name to Tumei Insurance after joining the OSSC. Wu Lesheng said that in the United States, all aspects of life need to be insured, including health, cars, houses, start-ups and labor. However,many students arrive the U.S. without knowing anything about insurance. After joining OSSC, Tumei Insurance specifically designed a lot of new insurance plans and specific products for international students, such as medical and housing. He said that since international students belong to the low-risk group in insurance, the price of the insurance plan for international students in Tumei Insurance will be much lower than the market price.